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Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Necklace- Summer Romance

This is a new listing in my Etsy store called Summer Romance, featuring wonderful whimsical glass beads by Lynne Nurge. This necklace was quite challenging to make, I had the look that I wanted to create in my head, and trying to co-ordinate all the strands to sit the way I had envisioned, took a lot of trial and error in length and placement. I wanted a very loose, unstructured, free sort of look and I think I finally achieved it. There is also amethyst, sterling silver, glass pearls and freshwater pearls in this design.

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BeadedTail said...

This necklace is so beautiful! Love it!

Swapna said...

Thanks ..I try :)

And I just LOOOVE the necklace.. I would say it is beautifully unconventional !!!

Beaderjojo said...

It is beautiful and so unique! It looks like something a young hip bride would wear.

Hot Rocks said...

Thankyou Beadedtail, Swapna and BeaderJoJo for your kind words! I really appreciate your comments.

ontherocks said...

Hello!! This is the first time i've visited yr blog... and i'm overwhelmed!! Yr work is amazing!! I'll follow this blog... Greetings from Portugal! :D P.s. Love yr blog's name :D

Hot Rocks said...

Glad you popped in fora visit ontherocks! Thank you, I am so glad you enjoy my work.

Anne said...

Amazing necklace! Gorgeous!


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