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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's your favourite color?

How do you answer the question "What's your favorite color?" I love many colors, but red somehow pops into my mind as the first color that I think of when I am asked this question. Red...I don't currently have any items of clothing in red, although I have been told in the past that I certainly can wear red! I am drawn to the color red in home decor, and have the walls in my great room and dining room a lovely shade of deep subdued red, called "Sundried Tomato". The warm glow that the walls give off in the evening light is fabulous. I love kitchen accessories in red, and have always dreamed of owning a red Kitchen- Aid Mixer, although I do own a cream one.

I once purchased a set of red mixing bowls....not because I needed them, but because I loved the color! I salivate over pictures in magazines that feature glossy red kitchen cabinets, but would I ever have the guts to do that in my own home? My favorite fruits, raspberries and strawberries are red.Nothing beats fresh red tomatoes from the garden, and sweet red peppers in a salad. A glass of red wine would be divine! I love red shoes, red purses and red belts! I adore red roses and lilies and crimson colored poppies.
I love art with bright red colors. This piece called "Hypnotic Muse" by Ford Smith, hangs in my
home and I find pleasure in it everyday.

One of my favourite childrens books is Red is Best, by Kathy Stinson, where I love the part when Kelly has to have her juice in the RED cup..because it tastes better in the Red cup!

Red represents power...think" red tie". Red symbolizes love and sexuality and is often worn by brides in eastern countries. Red is the color of happiness and prosperity in China. We "roll out the red carpet" for special guests and celebrities, and we "paint the town red" when we are out to celebrate and have a good time. Red grabs your attention!

So what is your favoutite color? I would love to hear from you! Please leave me a comment, and/or answer my poll on the upper left column. Pin It


BeadedTail said...

Red always catches my eye too. For clothing and jewelry, my favorite color is purple but I love a pop of red around the house and kitchen and certainly gotta love red sports cars!

heidi said...

The red definately stands out in those photos. I love red too but I also have an affinity for purple and blue. A bright blue though not navy. Very interesting about what red represents.

K S Jewellery Designs said...

Love red but my favourite has got to be PURPLE - the deeper the better.
Kristin :)

Hot Rocks said...

Wow...seems like purple is a very popular color!

Janice said...

Purple has always been a fave of mine but I think now its green! :)

Sweetwater Designs said...

Great ode to Red~ not my best shade but I do like to look at it.
If you made my choose I'd have to say purple as well.

Nancy said...

It's so don't really tend to give it much thought when people say what their favorite color is, but your post lead me to thinking....a favorite color can say so much about someone's personality. Me, I'm into green:)

Nancy said...

I love black for some reason. I'm drawn to that color in just about anything. Although I love bright colors of all kinds and black isn't considered a bright color, it seems to attract me the most.

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Great minds must think alike! I LOVE red! There is a hiccup in my closet...I probably wear red 5 out of seven days...You'd think that I would get tired of it but not yet!

Wendy said...

My favorite color is purple, but when it comes to glass I am drawn the color blue for some reason. :)

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