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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cleaning your silver

So now that you have learned all about the different types of silver, you need to know how to care for and clean your silver jewels! The best way to prevent your silver from tarnishing is to keep your items in and airtight container, such as a plastic Ziploc bag, with all the air squeezed out. This prevents the piece from being exposed to the air, which causes tarnishing. Keep the baggies with your jewels, in a dry cool place. The worst place to leave your silver jewels is in a dish in the bathroom as the moist air will cause the jewelry to tarnish quickly. Keeping your silver items in baggies will also help protect your jewelry from rubbing against other items and getting scratched. Silver is a soft metal and can scratch easily! The best way to keep your silver jewelry looking its best is to polish all the silver components with a soft flannel or cotton cloth. You can also use a special silver polishing cloth which has anti tarnish ingredients, that quickly but gently removes any tarnish that has accumulated on your silver. Be careful using these treated cloths near emeralds, pearls, onyx, opal, lapis, malachite, ivory, coral, or 24kt gold.

. To remove any grease or makeup, it is best to use a small amount of dish soap in warm water and then wash your item carefully, rinse and pat dry thoroughly before storing into your baggie. You can also use silver dips, but use them with caution! Any piece of jewelry with gemstones or pearls, should not be dipped in silver cleaner, as it can damage the stones and remove the finish from pearls. Also, if your silver has an oxidized or dark finish on it, the silver dip cleaner can also remove that finish as well. Remember not to wear your jewelry in a swimming pool, as the chemicals will react with your silver! I find that if by wearing my silver jewelry, it tends to stay nice and shiny, and for some reason does not seem to tarnish as quickly as a piece that sits around in my jewelry box! Pin It


Lin said...

Good tips, pally!

Hey! I like your new profile picture!

Hot Rocks said...

Thanks Lin! Glad you like the new pic. :)

sundownbeaddesigns said...

such good advice

BeadedTail said...

I noticed your new picture right away! Looks great!

Wonderful tips on cleaning silver too! Thanks for the info!

Hot Rocks said...

Sundownbeaddesigns... I am glad you found the silver tips informative.
Glad you like the new pic, Beaded Tail,...I thought it was time for a change!

Swapna said...

Great tips.... I love silver. Just got a pair of silver toe-rings as my birthday gift from hubby.

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Thanks for the tips. I was wondering if those special non-tarnish bags were needed for storage of jewelry. Maybe not.

Theresa said...

I'm with everyone else, love the new photo!

Great information too. I wish I'd known about keeping silver in baggies years ago. I have so much jewelry that needs a serious clean!

Lenox Knits said...

What great advise. I totally need to get my jewelry organized and I think I'm going to divide into the baggies.

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