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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Amethyst...and storytime!

Amethyst is derived from the Greek word that means "not intoxicated", and was worn to prevent drunkenness! Amethyst is the stone of St. Valentine.It is the birthstone for February, and is considered a stone of friendship. This variety of quartz also encourages spiritual wisdom, blocks negative energy and is an excellent stone for meditation and for help in dealing with a loss or an addiction. Amethyst can range in color from pale pink to a very deep purple depending on where it is found.

The greek myth surrounding amethyst is somewhat varied, but I like this one the best.

" A long time ago, Dionysus...(who is also sometimes known as Bacchus) the god of wine.................. .....fell in love with a young mortal woman, named Amethyst. However, she shunned his drunkenness and chose to worship the goddess Diana instead. In his rage and jealousy, Dionysus, ordered two voracious tigers to devour Amethyst. But the Goddess Diana, rescued her and turned Amethyst, into a beautiful statue of white quartz to save her from the tigers' claws.

Dionysus was heartbroken. His beautiful Amethyst, was lost to him forever. In his sadness, he wept tears, into his goblet of red wine. Some of the wine spilled onto the white quartz statue, turning it a purple color

Ever since, the lavender/purple variety of quartz has been called Amethyst."


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Catherine said...

Good story ~ pretty bracelets! :)

Sherwin said...

Hello. I stumbled into your blog ( and was wondering if you'd be open to a blogroll links exchange seeing as our blogs are somewhat related and I believe that it would be of benefit to us in the long run if we linked up. If you find this suitable kindly drop me a note at

Thanks and hope to hear back soon.


Lin said...

I love purple and plum colors, so I especially like these bracelets. Ooooh, so pretty!

Contrariwise said...

I've read Bullfinch's Mythology and long ago I loved reading about the Roman and Greek gods but don't remember this story. (How did I miss it!) Thanks for sharing it.

Fira Marina said...

Yes really good story and I LOVE your designs and what you always do with my beads! You're the best! : )XOXOXOXO

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