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Monday, June 7, 2010

Miriam Haskell

One of my very favorite collections of exquisite, vintage costume jewelery, is Miriam Haskell. You may have read her name in some of the descriptions of  vintage beads that I use in my designs. I only recently discovered her designs after doing some research, but I am in love with her work! Miriam Haskell, created her company and worked together with designer Frank Hess to create stunning pieces of jewelery, that are highly collectible today. Each piece was meticulously created by hand using Austrian crystals, rhinestones,  European glass beads, seed beads and stones. She opened her first boutique in New York city in 1926, and created designs for the society women of the day. Celebrities such as Joan Crawford, Coco Chanel, Gloria Vanderbilt and Lucille Ball were customers of Haskells creations. Enjoy the following eye candy Miriam Haskell Designs!

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BeadedTail said...

Such wonderful pieces! I can see why her collections are one of your favorites!

storybeader said...

some are absolutely beautiful! My favorite: probably the first one... so different than anything else I've seen!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous stuff! My fave Miriam Haskell stuff is the pearl jewelry line she came up with, like the picture you have. LOVE IT!

Cindy said...

I recently discovered Mariam Haskell and fell in love with her style as well...such gorgeous pieces here! Would sure be nice to own a stunning piece like one here.

Swapna said... !!!

Duni said...

All her pieces are stunning.
I do love big pieces of jewelry, but find they tend to overwhelm my skinny neck :(
I'll settle for a brooch, though :)

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