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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lapis Lazuli- the other September birthstone

Most people know that the birthstone of September is the gorgeous Sapphire gemstone. However, there is usually a lesser known, alternative birthstone for each month as well. Those born in September, are lucky to have the rich blue stone, lapis lazuli, as the other stone that signifies their month of birth. Lapis, is also somewhat more affordable than genuine sapphires! A weird sounding name, lapis means stone, and lazuli means blue...pretty straightforward! It is known to be a stone of protection and enlightenment, releases stress, and brings deep inner peace. 

Apparently, lapis enhances psychic abilities, 
aids in the contact of spiritual guardians, and helps in spiritual awareness too! The deep indigo colored stone, was a favorite of ancient Egyptians and Babylonians, and was  worn by royalty.

The Egyptians ground up lapis lazuli into a powder, which was then used as a pigment in paint and  as a form of blue eyeshadow!  The cosmetic of choice for Cleopatra...back in the day! 

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Lin said...

It is such a perfect gemstone for Fall--a little heavier than the summer stones that are so "light" and airy. I am ready for dark colors and sweaters now--bring on Fall!

Anonymous said...

Love the watch! And I do love deep colors like this.

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