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Monday, November 15, 2010

Support your local artists!

Remembrance Day, on Nov. 11, usually signifies the start of the Christmas shopping season here in Canada. This past weekend, I was one of the vendors at a local art and craft show that has taken place for 33 years. I did OK at this show, covered my booth and made a little extra, however, I know that many fine artists and talented crafters at the show did not get the sales that they had hoped for, and they won't be returning to this venue next year. First let me say that these artists works were certainly not overpriced, and we had great weather for bringing the shoppers out. There seemed to be a fairly good turnout of people coming to the show, but they were hanging tightly onto their purse strings!
Now, I know the downturn in the economy could be to blame, however, my husband had to stop by one of the big malls in the big city to pick up some groceries, and he said the mall was packed, and had difficult time finding a parking spot. So the malls seem to be getting the shoppers already. My friend mentioned that she knows people that have had jewelry parties, and have had hundreds of dollars in sales in one evening! However, these parties are from those big companies that mass produce their designs, (often from China) and they seem to have taken over, from the independent jewelry designer, who used to sell well at these intimate affairs. Eventually, if unsupported, our local talented artists will disappear. So this season, when you are planning your shopping gift lists, stop by your community Christmas art sale, and try to include one or two gifts that were made by one of your locally talented artisans. Your support will be gratefully appreciated by the artist, and you will be buying a unique one of a kind gift for the recipient.

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BeadedTail said...

That's too bad that people didn't show up for the show but rather went to the mall or elsewhere. I always prefer local artists since everything is unique and made with care. Hopefully things improve - I have a show in a couple of weeks and I'm concerned about the same thing happening.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! It used to disgust me when I'd see those lame overpriced catalogues circulating around the teacher's lounge. Come on people! In one breath they'd ask about my etsy shop, and in the next they'd discuss who's hosting some stupid party like that as if they're the same thing. Grrr....people just don't know. It's hard for us to see that sometimes, considering where we're coming from, but all we can do is exactly what you are. Try to educate and promote nicely. I don't know if it's ignorance of handmade or some sort of weird fear that's keeping them away, but it is kind of gross.

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