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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fine Arts Day

Yesterday, was Fine Arts Day, at our local school. Several artists, (about 21) were invited to come to the school and teach several classes to the students throughout the day on their field of expertise. The students selected their choices in advance and signed up for classes that they were interested in. Among the artists involved, were floral designers, painters, potters, photographers, one man did caricatures, there were instructors for highland dance and Latin dance, another man taught improv,  and one of our local celebrities taught a group songwriting and then performed the song at the assembly at the end of the day! My son was one of four boys who worked with a professional videographer, that went around the school, capturing the entire day on camera. They will work to edit  their film and produce a video for the school. I taught jewellery design to several groups of grade 7 and 8 students. It was an amazing day, and what a fabulous opportunity for students to be able to create and learn from the artists in their community. All of the children in the school, from kindergarten to grade 8  attended the classes, and it was exciting to see how all of them used their creative brains! There was a fabulous lunch supplied in the school library for all the volunteers, and teas, coffees, water and cold drinks were available all day long. I was absolutely thrilled to be involved in this wonderful day! I think every school should have the opportunity to hold  a Fine Arts Day  during the year. 

 I was way too busy to get photos, but these are pictures of the projects that my students were able to choose from. The top piece was a project that could be used as a key chain, belt/backpack clip, or attach the design to a chain for a very cool necklace. The second photo is a pendant necklace.  They all chose their own beads, buttons and ribbon, so every single one of them turned out unique. They enjoyed hammering the metal tags, and each student chose what word to punch onto their tag. Some put their names, one girl put "dance" onto her tag, and one boy designed a necklace for his Mom, and put the word "Love" onto his tag. How sweet is that?! One very thoughtful girl designed a necklace for one of the schools volunteer Moms, who lost her  young son in a tragic accident last Spring. She put the boys name on the tag, and hung a pretty pink heart amongst other beads. That woman was very touched. 

It is days like that, when I feel very blessed to be able to introduce my passion to kids, and see the thrill and enjoyment in their eyes when they make something with their own hands that they can be proud of!

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Jane Perala said...

What a wonderful concept - yes, it is too bad that more schools don't do something like that.

Lin said...

Some of these kids will take this day and the experience and remember it forever. It is GREAT that there were so many of you who were willing to bring their talent and art to the kids to introduce them to something they may have otherwise never tried. Wow! Wish I could have been there!

And you may never know it, but someone may just credit you for their love of making jewelry, art, or whatever in the future. I run into the woman who taught me to hand quilt every now and then. I always give her a big hug and thank her for what she gave me. She changed my life with that gift.

:) I'm sure you did the same.

Sweet story about the girl who made the mom the necklace. Wow.

BeadedTail said...

What a special event to participate in! I got goose bumps reading about what the kids made like the one for the volunteer mom. More schools should offer this type of opportunity for kids to be creative!

Catherine said...

What a wonderful thing to be sharing your creativeness. I love it!
xo Catherine

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