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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The past week has had its share of memorable moments! Let me share..........

Most Admirable Moment:
 Listening to a 61 year old woman from my "Get Ripped" exercise class, telling us how she keeps active and fit by hiking, running, swimming, cycling etc.

Nicest Surprize Moment:
 Finding $3.00 US dollars in an one of my old purses.

Most Shocking Moment:
 While at the mall in the city, hearing a 4 year old telling her mother to F*** You!

Most Sad Moment:
 Finding out that my Dad and step Mom, from England,  cannot come here for any more visits, due to the fact that my step mom (who has been like a real Mom to me since I was 16) has Alzheimers and can no longer travel on a plane.

Most Frustrating Moment:
 Waking up at 3:30 am to go to the bathroom, and not being able to fall back to sleep again. 

Most Intense Moment:
 Watching the season finale of The Walking Dead.

Most Romantic Moment:
 Going to dinner with my husband, to one of the nicest retaurants in our little village ...just the 2 of us, (which does not happen that often, as we have a 14 year old that is normally with us!)

What memorable moments happened to you this week?

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Anonymous said...

Wow...when you break life down like that it seems pretty crazy. So sorry to hear about your step mom.

Lin said...

Hey, you should have called me--I was up at 3:30 too (after going potty)!! I love that, don't you??

Makes you wonder what that kid is feeling that he wants to talk like that. Sheesh. I'm guessing his mom was probably on her cell phone too, right? Poor kid. He's just the symptom, you know?

BeadedTail said...

Sorry to hear about your stepmom. I haven't left the house this week since I'm working so much but today Angel laid on her blanket on my desk in between my and my monitor. She's so cute I didn't get much work done while she was there! :)

Gaye Brownie said...

Alzheimer's is such a terrible thing. My grandfather had a really bad case of that.

You had quite some week. Sounds like you have a lot of energy, but maybe not as much as the lady in your class.

Your jewelry is absolutely lovely!

Catherine said...

What a week you've had! So sorry about your family not being able to come and visit and your step mom's Alzheimer. Such a sweet romantic moment though ~ love it!
xo Catherine

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