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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

This weeks Tuesday Tidbits:

-First the good news, I think Spring has finally arrived! Yes, it was a a sunny 26C yesterday (79F for my American friends), and I spent the afternoon reading and making jewellery on my deck.  The weatherman had forecast a fabulous weekend, and so on Friday, I dragged the patio furniture from its winter storage, and set everything up for Summer.

- Saturday was spent in the big city, coffee table shopping.  We found what we both loved, at Restoration Hardware... I love that store! The picture does not do this table justice. The distressed, reclaimed wood top is fabulous!

 -So now that we have a new coffee table, of course I needed to update the throw pillows on the two couches....keep in mind that I have not done this for 9 years, so it was due. So Etsy shopping I went, and found these! 
Pillows are from Gathered ComfortsJolie Marche, Designs by Nancy and Kindred Spirit.

-Our youngest son has reached the age where he is now very busy with friends on the weekends. My husband and I are getting more free time together...just the two of us!

-As the weather has warmed up, the crazy drivers have been released. On the way home from the city, which is a 30 minute drive, we saw FOUR cars, unsafely passing, where vehicles coming the other direction had to pull over on to the shoulder so the morons could pass. I don't think getting to your destination 2 minutes earlier is worth risking peoples lives for!

They say when it pours. I am not talking about the weather here, but about my little home business designing jewelry. I have been swamped lately with special requests and custom orders. Not complaining, but I think I am going to need a vacation soon!

- Satellite Man is coming this afternoon, we are getting a new service (same company) for our internet, which is supposed to be better and won't shut us down if we exceed our allowance. Oh, the joys of country living! 

-Not sure how long this weather will hold, I think rain is on its way! 

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BeadedTail said...

I love the pillows you found! The coffee table looks great too! Congrats on all the custom orders! What is it with warm weather and crazy driving? That's one part of spring I dread.

Anonymous said...

Lots going on! I am so jealous about your table- we love that store too- so expensive! And congrats on being swamped with orders, that's great!

Lin said...

LOVE the table and the pillows! A friend of ours has a sweet coffee table similar to that on etsy. I want that darn thing!!! I keep threatening to hop on it and drive it home. (I think they live up hill from us) ;)

Isn't it nice to get a taste of freedom from the kids? I love going out as a couple again--it's nice. :)

Catherine said...

Don't you love it when you buy one thing which leads to buying a bunch of new things! :)

Congratulations on all the orders you are receiving. Sounds like you are keeping busy with your business. Which of course is always good. Hopefully you will get some time to relax soon.

Let us hope our weather lasts. Snow in the forecast here for Sunday. I hope it's wrong. :(

xo Catherine

Shelby Foxwell said...

You have such great taste! Love all the pillows and the table. I'm jealous that you are near a RH! I didn't know they even had brick & mortar shops. Probably a good thing...I'd be broke!

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