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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Turning Lemons, into Lemonade

What a crazy part of the world we live in. You know our winters are long and cold. You probably heard or read about our June floods. Well, for the last several days, we have been in heatwave. Today it is currently 37C or 98 F!

So what do you do, when you have a load of jewellery that was initially made for a show that you were unable to attend, due to the massive southern Alberta flooding?
Well.....whats that saying about turning lemons into lemonade?
I decided to use my jewellery to raise money to put towards the flood relief fund for our town.

I am having an open house this Sunday, where 10% of my sales will be donated to the flood relief fund. I am also running a silent auction, where the winning bid will also go to the fund.

Here is the piece that I am auctioning off.

In the meantime, I am trying to stay cool! Pin It


Jane Perala said...

Beautiful piece - and good cause.
I have been thinking about you in the last couple of weeks, hoping everything is ok.

Lin said...

Oh, the weather is very odd indeed. Last year we roasted and had a drought. This year, we are freezing and have tons of rain! It's so weird.

I LOVE that necklace! Is your open house at your house? Can we look at stuff online too?

Hot Rocks said...

Hey Lin, yes the open house is at my house...but I like your idea of doing something online. Perhaps I can do something on Etsy and donate a portion of sales from my shop to the flood relief.

Catherine said...

The weather has been one extreem to the other hasn't it? A person hates to complain about the heat after our long winter but it is looking like it will cool down a bit here next week.

Good luck with your open house!
xo Catherine

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