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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bead addiction

Hello, my name is Susan, and I am addicted ….to beads! Bead collecting, vintage beads, bead buying, online bead sites, lampwork artists bead sites, you name it …I have a problem! For those of you who make jewelry, have you ever gone online to a bead store and you were just going to buy one or two things that you needed, because you really did need them, and then you get there, and you start checking out all the different categories. Well you decide if you are going to pay the shipping anyway, you might as well get a few extras, and before you know it your cart is overflowing with all kinds of goodies! I find vintage bead sites are the death of me! Those uncirculated 50 or 60 year old vintage Swarovski crystals are like candy, and I am the kid in the candy store. I just can’t get enough, and the photos always look sooo good! The lampwork artist sites are almost as bad…er good?! They are always such delicious works of art, I can hardly restrain myself! The only thing that saves me there is the fact that a lot of them sell out very quickly, so sometimes I miss out, and I save my money. Other times, I know that if I DON’T buy their luscious beads right away…then I will miss the opportunity to own them, and lets face it a lot of these artisan lampwork beads are one of a kind! Then they arrive in the mail, and its Christmas all over again. Such a thrill, oooh… they look even BETTER than they did on the computer screen! Such joy! Pin It

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