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Monday, April 28, 2008

Blushing Brides- May- Erin

Erin, is the first lovely lady to be featured in my series called Blushing Brides. She was kind enough to send me these beautiful photos of her wedding day, and also some pictures of the jewelry that I had made for her, and her bridesmaids. This is what Erin had to say.“The day was actually really great. The weather cooperated, and everyone was really laid back and generally just happy to be able to get together for the occasion. We had a bunch of comments on the jewellery, and every piece really suited the person it ended up going to. The bridesmaids still wear theirs quite often, just on a day-to-day basis. The one you made for me is a little fancy for day-to-day, but I’ve worn it a few times since the wedding – to our Christmas party, out to dinner a couple of times, and while we were on vacation last month in Costa Rica.

Overall, everyone was really impressed with all of the jewellery. It was great that you were so accommodating about the jewellery that we had made for my mom (and on such short notice! Hahaha.) She really liked hers, as well. Enough that dad bought her another piece at Christmas. I’m glad that it was all so unique, but went together so well at the same time. It made for a really special gift for my girls, and jewellery for myself that I know I’m going to love for years.”
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