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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Creative Frustration

I am still working away on that necklace that I mentioned last week! For some strange reason, I seem to be having a hard time being satisfied with the design, it just is not coming together the way I am envisioning it. I am not sure what it is, if it is my state of mind these days ( house bound and hating the weather) or heaven forbid.... some type of artists' block??? I usually have a ton of ideas floating around my head, and I have not encountered being this frustrated over a piece before. Perhaps I am challenging myself too much! Maybe I need to focus more, or relax more! Have any of you felt this way over a design or piece of art work? Perhaps I will take a breather and give it some more thought and hopefully it will get done!

Meanwhile I want to thank KS Jewelry designs for nominating me for the Lemonade Award! Kristin, is a jewelry designer from England, who does some fabulous silver wire jewelry, using lampwork and gemstones. Her flower earrings are adorable, and I personally love her spiral designs! She is very talented designer, please visit her blog to see her work. I received the Lemonade Award previously a few months ago, so this time I am just going to ask you to visit Kristins' great blog instead!
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:-) MaryLou said...

Your necklace dilemma is sure to work itself out. Sometimes it just takes stepping away from it for awhile to be able to go back with a fresh view.

Beaderjojo said...

Oh it happens! I'm with MaryLou. You can't FORCE a creation, it has to come to step away and come back a day or two later. Perhaps you'll be in a different frame of mind and the muse will flow freely.
Happy creating!

raquel roysdon said...

it happens! don't force it. pick up a fashion magazine and then go back to it. That works for me.
By the way, my summer collection last year, Dance and be free, all pieces I gave them a song name!
I love that. My favorite song is Imagine by John Lennon. I didn't use that name.

Sweetwater Designs said...

hey Susan..I missed your post where you mentioned that you're making a necklace with your beads.
If it helps at all..and it actually may be an explanation..I struggled with those beads for you, as I do with anything remotely 'custom'. I'm afraid unless the person has seen the bead they're buying they won't like them.

Now I feel like I passed something along ~maybe you should do an energy clearing on them or something..haha.

Hot Rocks said...

Thanks Maryloe, beader jo and raquel for those encouraging words...maybe I am OK!

Deb...that is soooo weird!!! The beads are lovely, I am sure it is just me. Hopefully we haven't entered the twilight zone!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I've hit that sometimes with a project. I tend to put the piece aside for a bit, work on something completely different, and then come back to it. Sometimes it takes a few try's, but usually it eventually works!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - and I'm glad I could introduce you to craftopolis!

ChatElaine said...

I know that feeling well myself, Susan. I usually do something completely different as well and while you are working on another piece something comes from that to inspire the one you have put aside!!
I am sure it will work for you, JUST CHILL!!!!!!!! :0)) Oh that wasnt suppose to be a pun!!!

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