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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you to all my friends who left comments for me in my last post regarding my daughters move to Australia! Your wonderful comments meant a lot to me, as the last few days have been difficult. Yes there have been many tears, some shed in private, so that no one could see me cry, and of course I sobbed my heart out at the airport when she left on Friday. She called me Sunday evening, to let me know that she had made it to Brisbane safely, which made me feel a little better. I also hope that all of my American friends had a super July 4th holiday weekend!

The lovely Nicole, at Beadwright, felt I needed cheering up and awarded me the "One Lovely Blog Award". To accept this award I must nominate another 7 blogs, so here are my nominees:

Duck and Wheel with String Sundown bead Designs Rhetoric
KS Jewellery Designs
Crafts and Cooking

Tag you're it!
I was also tagged by my furry friends at Beaded Tail, in a game in which I am to post the 6th picture in the 6th folder, of my photos. So here is the photo, which is actually a favorite secret spot of mine, located about a 15 minute drive from my home. It is along the banks of the Elbow river, in a wonderful wilderness area,called Kananaskis Country. I named this spot Mystic Canyon. It is a fantastic place to go to relax and reflect on life and nature.
I am tagging the following friends to play this game.
Please feel free to play along or are not obligated,it's just a bit of fun.

A Rose by Name
Lenox knits

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Split Rock Ranch said...

Congrats on your awards and Thank you for the passing the award on! I always love visiting your blog.

Swapna said...

Dear Susan... I have been the daughter leaving my mom for so long..and it is never easy, though I have my own daughter now.. but the love will grow ever stronger...

Congrats on the award..and thank you for thinking of me..

Wendy said...

Thanks so much for the award! It's very sweet of you! :)

Nancy said...

I'm glad she got there OK. It's far but a great opportunity for her. What a relaxing photo below too.

Anna said...

Thanks for including me in the tag! Check out my photo! BTW, I love your CD list! Big fan of many of the same bands/musicians!

Lin said...

The only consolation you'll have is knowing that she is having the time of her life! It's hard to let go, isn't it?? You'll be fine.

Hey, thanks for the award! I'm awful at these, but I'll do my best to post.

Cindy said...

Hi Susan
I'm glad to hear your daughter made it safely. I'm sure she feels so far away but hopefully a lot of contact will help (phone calls, email). {hugs to you!!} Aw, thank you for the blog are so sweet! And I hope you are able to find SBS Wire magazine...there are some great projects in it this month and MANY use lampwork beads!

storybeader said...

thanks for thinking about me. I'm hoping your daughter has a blog, e-mail, or something on the internet. That would be a fun way to keep up1

ChatElaine said...

Hi Susan I have been a bad blogger lately so I am sorry I missed your news about your daughter leaving for Aussie. Must have been hard to let her go but as Mum's we must! I dont look forward to those future cutting of the purse strings. Thanking for the tagging I will try and be good and do this one!! Elaine ♥

blueviolet said...

That beautiful photo just makes me want to go there immediately and just sit and relax, breathe and enjoy. I just love it!

BeadedTail said...

Congratulations on your award! I'm glad your daughter made it to Australia safe and sound! That photo is gorgeous! You are so lucky to live near that place full time and also have a vacation home in a beautiful place too!

Reeni♥ said...

Congrats on your awards! Thanks for passing it on to me, that was very sweet of you. What a beautiful place - I can see why it's a favorite spot.

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