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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Airport Security

I am back relaxed and rejuvenated after a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend spent on Vancouver Island. I have a winner for my Hot Rocks earring giveaway, Melissa Lazell, will be receiving her choice of earrings in the mail soon!

So on to my story for the day. We chose to fly out to the Island this trip, due to the short time we had, so of course the airport security is always part of the adventure. It's like opening a box of Crackerjack, and wondering what prize you are going to get. You never know what is going to happen when you are walking through the metal detector. Am I going to set off the alarm....or not? It was pretty smooth going on the trip out, I did not set off any alarms as I walked through the archway, and all the carry on bags checked out fine too. I am careful not to wear a belt, clothing with metal buttons or lots of jewelry when I fly, just because it becomes a real hassle when you have to start undressing in the middle of airport security! However, on the way back home it was a different story. After we checked our suitcases, my name was called over the airport intercom to go to "Baggage Screening". So you know all these thoughts are racing through my" oh my god what is in my suitcase ?!" I know there is not anything in there but I tend to get all panicky, wondering what security has found. So I show up at the baggage screening, and this woman security person hauls my suitcase out, and asks me if this is my bag, and did I pack it. "Yes" to both questions. Then she takes my boarding pass away and not saying a word, continues to go through my bag with her mini metal detector, and her surgical gloves. Upon locating my Phillips Ultra Sonic toothbrush, which is packed away neatly in its case, she suspiciously pulls it out, opens it up, and then runs it through another screening machine...twice! Finally, without saying a word, she puts it back into my suicase and gives me back my boarding pass...I am free to go. ( Why do these people never speak to you?) Next is going through security myself. So .....wearing the same boots, and watch as I did on the trip going to my destination, I walk confidently through the security metal detector, however this time the alarm sounds! So I am scanned, boots off, boots scanned, feet scanned etc. I am given the go ahead and all is fine. My question is... how can you set off the alarm in one airport metal detector,.... and wearing the same things not set it off in another?? I would have thought they were all set up to catch the same level of metal! I know it is all for our own good, but sometimes I feel like a criminal, even though I have not done any thing wrong! Pin It


BeadedTail said...

Glad you had a wonderful weekend on Vancouver Island! How frustrating about the airport security issues. That's so odd they called you back so they could scan your toothbrush. I'll be sure to take an old fashioned toothbrush with me on my next trip so I don't hear my name over the intercom!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

glad to hear that you had a great vacation other than the are right they do make you feel like a criminal...I hate the airport, so much stress! Of course I'm dragging two young kids with lots of ???'s

Lin said...

I hate that this is our life now--all this screening, checking, and investigating. Ugh. Well, I'm just glad you aren't a shoe bomber or anything like that after all.

Theresa said...

I think Customer Relations is not one of the required attributes to be an airport security screener. I once set off the alarm because of the underwire in my bra yet it has only happened once but I wear underwire bras all the time! Go figure.

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