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Monday, October 26, 2009

Swine flu: H1N1

Today Canada rolls out its mass vaccination for the H1N1 virus, or what is more commonly known as the swine flu. The big controversy is whether or not to get vaccinated. From the recent polls, it seems as though our country is evenly split on those who will get the shot, and those who won't. It's a tough decision. Is the vaccination safe? Is this flu thing overblown? What are my chances of getting this? What about the deaths that have occurred...especially those in young people? Apparently Canada is in its second wave of the H1N1 flu, and we have been told the virus will continue to spread rapidly until most of the population gets the shot. I have an 11 year old at home, who is my main concern....what to do? After hearing about the death from swine flu of a healthy young girl in Ontario yesterday, as a parent I am very concerned!
What are your opinions? I would like to hear from Canadians, as well as those from other countries...what has your country been experiencing? Pin It


Lin said...

I'm not getting the shot as I have read that we are test subjects on whether or not they really work. As for the kids, no on that one too. Unless there are other circumstances, children don't typically die--it is a scare tactic used by the media. They just announced a shortage of the vaccine here in Chicago.

Marbella Jewelry Designs said...

I have decided that we will not get the vaccine. It hasn't been out there long enough to what it will do.

BeadedTail said...

I'm probably not going to get the shot although I'm going to Disneyland next month and the thought of those germs on the plane and at Disneyland scare me. I do not want to be sick at the Happiest Place on Earth!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Definately a tough family will not be getting the vaccine. I believe that there is a LOT of media hype and my doctor is not recommending it. Good luck with this's a hot one.

Laane said...

Right now I'm having a flu. They're not testing anymore which one it is, so it can be the mexican one. Most kids have it too. And we live through it just like other years when there was a flu spreading through our house.

Last week our news reported about a healthy 14 year old dying, but we know someone who has known her and she was suffering from epilesy and something else. So how come healhty??

We're not getting the mex flu shot. There's an adjuvans in it here that is banned in the USA.

I'm high risk... when it's my time it's my time.

Hot Rocks said...

Thank you all for taking the time to comment on this "hot topic" as sundownbeadsdesign puts it. She is right, lots of interesting thoughts on this. Sounds like most of the commenters here will NOT be getting the H1N1 flu shot.

Swapna said...

This is a tough one...! In India too, there have been more than a few cases, as have been a higher number of breezy recoveries... the apparently 'healthy' people who die have had some other complications to begin with, or else neglected to get treated properly. I saw an article which said that though the flu shots work well on an infected person, they are not sure on how well they work as a preventive...!!
So I guess it would be a no from me too..

Mountaindreamers said...

Regular flu kills 36000 people in the US a year. no news stories or scare tactics on this, I am focusing on working on a healthy immune system, since you are in the North ( farther than Atlanta GA) you should be aware that vit D plays a big part in keeping your immune system primed. So I take VD 3 daily and also cod liver oil from Nordic Natural . Tumeric also is good for keeping healthy altho I don't know a way to convince an 11 year old of this. the vaccine is supposed to have squalene in it which can irritate the immune system when injected. I am going to pass . Merck filed the paperwork in August of 2008 for the vaccine , this was way before it showed in Mexico. No thanks , I have already had the simian virus contaminated polio vaccine. But when I was six it was hard to tell the public officials no.

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