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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gothic Inspiration

While in England we spent 10 days in the city of York, exploring in the city itself, and visiting the villages in the surrounding countryside. York, is a beautiful walled city that was founded by the Romans in 71 AD.

Here we are, my daughter, my son and I, with my brother and sister in law,  walking the walls of York.

Looking down from the wall into the street.

 So as you can imagine with that kind of history, we saw some amazing castle ruins, churches and cathedrals.
The finest cathedral in York is the massive Gothic cathedral, York Minster, which happens to be the largest cathedral in Northern Europe. The original church was built in 627, but was destroyed by fire, and then rebuilt, damaged and rebuilt several times, with portions being developed by the Vikings, and Normans over several hundred years. In 1215 it started to transform into the Minster that is known today.  It was declared complete in the year  1472. The ornate work on the exterior of this cathedral is breath taking!

Take a close look at the hand holding Adam and Eve.
Wow...they sure don't build 'em like this anymore!

The interior was just as stunning!

 We then climbed the 275 steps to the tower, passing gargoyles along the way, where the views were amazing.

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BeadedTail said...

What an absolutely beautiful place! I've never seen architecture like that and it's so amazing! Great photos!

Sweetwater Designs said...

What an adventure Susan..breathtaking is right. I'm sure it will show up in your work in one form or another~

Lin said...

WOW. Stunning. I can't believe how incredibly beautiful it is there.

thanks for sharing!!

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