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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Not just a pile of rocks

When we were first planning this trip to England,  the one thing on my husbands bucket list was to get to Stonehenge. So we booked a private tour, which enabled us to go behind the fence and walk amongst the stones, with only a handful of other people.  It was a cool, gray, drizzly morning,the  I must admit it was pretty cool! but the weather certainly did not take away from the experience of this magical place.

 Some people were really into it...chanting and softly playing drums......

A sacred and very special place.

  I must admit it was pretty cool to actually be there amongst these giant stones!

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Duni said...

Oh, I really want to go there too! It must have been magical. Good to know that you can book private tours, no point going if you can't walk among the stones. Lucky, lucky you:)

BeadedTail said...

That certainly is a special place and it's wonderful you were able to explore it! I'd love to see it one day too! I have seen Carhenge - ever hear of it? You can Google Carhenge for photos or visit

Not quite the same huh? LOL

Lin said...

oooh, cool! I would like to see that. Amazing, isn't it?

I hear Sting lives down the road from there--did you stop to see him??? ;)

ChatElaine said...

Lucky devil getting to see them close up!!

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