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Monday, November 28, 2011

All that Glistens is not Gold!

This past weekend, we drove into the city to do a little Christmas shopping....I am almost done as i have shopped on Etsy, and at some local art and craft shows, and have managed to buy most of my gifts handmade this year! However, I still had to pick up a couple of other items, as well I needed to  shop for something to wear to the husbands company Christmas party. I already had a classic little black dress, so I just needed a little something to go with it. I was in the BAY...which is one of our Canadian department stores, and there were sales everywhere!  I am thinking "Great...I will surely find something amongst all the racks of gorgeous clothing, here!". Within minutes, I found this sweet light weight soft gold cardigan, which will go perfectly with my dress at home. Luckily the rack that holds all of the pretty gold sweaters, says 40% OFF Bianca Nygard FALL and HOLIDAY ... perfect!

                                            Just imagine this sweater, above...only in gold.

  I try it on, it fits, and then comes the hard part....standing in line and paying. So there are 3 cashiers on duty, but the line is at a standstill, so I wait, and wait, and finally get to the desk, the cashier rings it up...and wait a sec..."Is the sweater not on sale?"...I ask. " No"...says the clerk. I going mad, or did I read the sign wrong? So I pay full price for the sweater, and then head back to the rack thinking, I am a little crazy here! I check the rack.. the rack with the exact same sweaters says - 40% OFF Bianca Nygard FALL and HOLIDAY.    OK, I am not losing my mind, and this gold sweater looks pretty darn Holidayish to me! So I head back to another cashier, stand in line again, and explain my situation.  She says she will go and check, which she does and then returns, and tells me that she is not sure, the sign is confusing. She then scans the tag into the system, and explains to me that no, it is not on sale, it is a specially priced item, and items whose price tags end in  .99, are not part of the sale. I am getting pretty mad, now, but I keep my cool, and suggest to her that perhaps the sign should be taken down, or the sweaters removed as it is very misleading for the customer. "Well that is not my department, I have no control over the signing." She tells me. Oh, Brother...REALLY!!! She continues to tell me to go and speak with a manager if I have a concern. So I ask her, where would I find a manager...and she tells me" Go look in the cosmetic department...there is an event on there, and you should find them all hanging about that area. "
OK...this is  good customer service? She could have called a manager for me, but no,  I have to go and look for one! More wasted time...but I am not letting this go because I feel it is wrong. I managed to track down a manager in cosmetics, and repeated the scenario to her. I told her that I would still take this sweater,  and that my concern is that the signage is very confusing for the consumer.  The manager explained that I am not the first customer to make a complaint regarding the signage issue, and that she will pass on my concern.    So I am thinking, "WELL PERHAPS YOUR COMPANY SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!" But I politely thank her and think to myself "OK..I have had enough I'm outa here!"  So not only did this store waste over half an hour of my time, the customer service is deplorable! 
Nuff said.
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Catherine said...

Bad customer service ~ it is so darn frustrating isn't it? Hardly any tills open and you can never find a clerk around. Don't get me started about Wal-mart. What happened to good customer service? Where did it go to? sigh....

I'm glad you are happy with your sweater at least. Too bad it wasn't on sale though. :(

xo Catherine

Anonymous said...

Eep! Even more reason to shop hanmdade, yes? The customer service!! That blows...I would expect that they would offer to compensate you in some way. Yikes!

BeadedTail said...

Bad signage is one of my peeves but then to have bad customer service on top of it is unacceptable! You'd think stores would be grateful for customers so would bend over backward to help but guess not. All the more reason to shop handmade! Well, except of course if it's a beautiful gold sweater! :)

Tracy said...

Yaaaa...I am not surprised. The Bay is NOT Canadian anymore, we don't hve any Canadian department stores anymore, very sad. Customer service is terible most places these days, but there are a few good people out there still.

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