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Saturday, November 5, 2011

I have recently started my Christmas shopping! This year I have made a conscious effort to support artists and artisans with my Christmas budget, rather than all the big box stores.
Last weekend at The Beyond Artisan Marketplace, I bought several fabulous, hand crafted Christmas gifts, from local artists...I cannot mention them here, just in case the recipients are reading this! I also have been scouring Etsy, and I  have also purchased some absolutely gorgeous items from some extremely talented artists....and I am still shopping. It does take a little bit of time to search Etsy, or other online shops for that perfect gift, however the effort is so worthwhile, as is many cases you are getting a unique item, often one of a kind, sometimes recycled or upcyclaed...good for the environment, and the best can shop from the comfort of your home. However, you have to start your online shopping soon, because you must account for shipping time...and time is ticking away!
Today, I am helping you out by sharing with you some of my favorite amazing handcrafted items on Etsy, that can get you started on your Christmas shopping. Happy Shopping!

From ceeglass, Recycled glass napkin rings

From ileaiye- Ponch Cape

The Atomic Apple

Retro Red Cupcake Stand by Gracefilledhands

Upcycled Dictionary Page Art by BlackBaroque


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Beadwright said...

Wow fabulous finds. I love the silk and felt scarf.

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Great finds! I really like the cape! I'm planning on giving more handmade for Christmas as well.

BeadedTail said...

Love your finds! I really like that laptop bag and the apple! :)

Lin said...

Ooooh, I want that poncho!!!

Can you tell us how it works with ETSY if a seller is in England and we are in the United States? Are there just additional charges for shipping? I'm always tentative in ordering from people in other countries because I didn't know how this works.

Hot Rocks said...

Hey Lin...each Etsy seller, sets their own shipping rates. I have ordered from Etsy sellers in England, Germany and Ireland, as well as many from the USA, in the past, and have had no problems. Best to check the sellers feedback, on their Etsy shop, to be sure they deliver what they promise. I find most are excellent!

Anonymous said...

I agree- I've been on a handmade sellers only holiday gift policy for the last 3 years now and loving it! Everybody get something unique and sometimes even made just for them. It's great! The only exception is my techie loving hubby to be!

Catherine said...

Oh those apples! Yum yum yummy!!! Somehow my orange after supper just isn't cutting it now. :(

xo Catherine

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