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Monday, April 29, 2013

Transformed Beauty

This is my latest project that I have been working on.

I bought this mannequin a few months ago. She was a sorry sight, with a nice rip across her fabric chest, and the word "garbage" written in permanent black ink  down her shoulder and onto the front of her body. I did not know what I was going to do to her at the time I purchased her, but knew she would fit in nicely with all my other worn, vintage display pieces.

Apparently she was once discarded, by a retailer  and left by the roadside for the garbage truck. She was rescued and then spent some time in a little local boutique, sporting the latest fashions and accessories. When the shop closed and sold off their retail displays, I grabbed her and gave her a new home.

So over the past few weeks she was transformed. I decoupaged layers of tissue from  vintage sewing patterns, that I picked up for free at a flea market, all over her, covering the tear in her body and trying hard to cover the  word "garbage". Unfortunately, like a tattoo on her body, it is still visible, but now it kinda adds to her personality! I gave her a tiny skirt of vintage lace, and voila...she is now the star of the show. She will make her debut this Saturday, May 4th, at the Okotoks Market Square Artisan sale. 


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Pam Mikolayenko said...


Lin said...

Oh, I'm sure she has stories of the things she has worn in her time! I'm glad that you saved her. She wears her "garbage" tattoo like a red badge of courage. :)

Catherine said...

This 'gal' has had a second chance at life! And you have given it to her.

xo Catherine

P.S. We had snow again yesterday. Spring lasted for 3 days. :(

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