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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer Recap

I know..its been a long time since I blogged! It was nice to step back from the old routine and enjoy the summer, as it goes by so quickly, in our neck of the woods. I hope all of you had some enjoyable and memorable days of summer as well.

So to give you an overview of my summer, I am just going to recap some summer favorites.

Most Memorable Day-  Spending time in Victoria: taking the water taxi to Fishermans Wharf, going on a ghost walk in the old city at night, and enjoying the city nightlife afterwards.

Most Relaxing Moment- lying on the beach with my hubby, under the shade of a big oak tree, reading my book.

Favorite Color of the Season- Lemon Zest Yellow!  Not normally a color that I would choose, but  for some strange reason, I was consistently drawn to this sunshiny yellow this summer, and bought a several items of clothing in this happy color.

Favorite New Music- Ashleigh Mannix-A fabulous blend of folk, blues and rock, this Aussie singer has stolen my heart!

Favorite Movie- The Butler-  I dragged my husband and 15 year old son to see this movie, and surprise...they loved it! Thought  it was a good history lesson for my son. Very emotional movie.

Favourite Book- Salt, Sugar Fat- How The Food Giants hooked Us- Michael Moss takes us behind the scenes on how the big food companies, like Kraft, Coke, and General Foods hooked us onto processed foods, and all the false marketing and health problems related to these foods.You wont look at your grocery store the same ever again. I highly recommend this book if you are even somewhat concerned about what you are putting into your body!

Favorite Summer Fairs- Well, thats a toss up between the St. Marks Fair in Qualicum Beach, which is like one huge garage and art/craft sale that goes on for blocks, and the elite arts and crafts show called the Filberg Festival which is held in the gardens of the Filberg estate, by the oceanside in Comox. To me,  either one is a pure heavenly way to spend a day! Here is my friend checking out the amazing glass art at the Filberg Festival.

Most Fun- Sharing time with family and friends! Our kids and grand kids were all out visiting us on Vancouver Island, at different points during our stay. We also had visits from friends, as well as my husbands brothers, so it was definitely  action packed at times!

My granddaughter and me
The grand kids and my son

Everyone at the lake

My eldest daughter and me
Family and Friends

My youngest daughter and her fiance

My middle daughter and me
            What were the highlights of your summer?

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1 comment:

Catherine said...

Ok ~ too funny! When were you in Victoria? We just got home from there. Aug 31 to Sept 6! Both Wayne and I loved loved loved it!! It was truly the highlight of my summer.

I want to see The Butler too. It looks so good.

Hope you are having a happy weekend!
xo Catherine

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