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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Scarecrow Festival

The Fall colors here are beautiful at the moment and we are still seeing some warm days filled with sunshine. Canadian Thanksgiving is this coming Monday, and we will be celebrating with family and of course the traditional turkey feast! The weather always seems to turn after Thanksgiving, and the snow will most likely start arriving by the end of October, or early November.  

This month, in the hamlet of Bragg Creek, we have a Scarecrow Festival going on. Businesses and families are building scarecrows and displaying them around the village.It's a way to bring people back out to the hamlet, after the massive flood that occurred in June. Trying to drum up some business into the Fall for our little town. So many of the businesses here rely on the summer tourist season, and they really suffered this summer as so many were still repairing after the all the damage done. There are some really creative people who have made some fantastic looking scarecrows. So enjoy!

 Eat your heart out Miley!!

 ...and for any bad Scarecrows, there is the Scarecrow Slammer!

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Vintage Crab Jewelry said...

The wrecking ball Miley reference was too funny! Great pictures for lots of fall fun!

Lin said...

WOw! They go all out with their pumpkin scarecrows!

Catherine said...

What a fun festival! So much work put into the scarecrows. OK...the wrecking ball one...TOOOOO funny!!!
xo Catherine

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