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Thursday, November 26, 2009

New earrings

Happy Thanksgiving, to my American readers! Have a wonderful time with your families and friends over the holidays.

My earring supply has really dwindled since the shows that I did earlier this month. So this week I have spent some time building back up, my stock of earrings. Here are a couple:

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BeadedTail said...

I love those earrings! Seriously!

K S Jewellery Designs said...

Great earwires - love the texture - love the shape
Kristin :)

Jean said...

Very chic, I especially like the second one, which looks to me like a wrapped pearl, I think. Beautiful.

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Oooo! I love those earrings...especially the first pair. did you make the ear wire? it's beautiful!

Anna said...

Lovely pieces!
Thanks for visitng my blog. To answer the question that you asked there:
Dear Hot Rocks,
Yes, I did. Thank you for your kind words. I worked as an illustrator and did commercial art in a similar vain. But this was what I managed to do between assignments. I can't bare to look at my commercial work from that time, but I like this sketch of my nephew, and I plan to give it to him one day.

27 November 2009 00:11

Hot Rocks said...

I 'm so glad that you all like the earrings! However,I can't take credit for the ear wires, those were purchased! I can make basic ear wires but I am not that skilled yet to attempt ear wires of that caliber!

One Creative Queen said...

Man Those are GORGEOUS!!!! I love your sense of style - and your talent. Every time I look around your blog I just drool. I'm so envious - I love to design/make jewelry, but none of mine turns out like yours! xx

Narrative jewelry said...

Beautiful work, love the second one for the wire shape, and the idea of the ear wires. Why won't you be able to do the same ? I am pretty sure you can.


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