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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day to all my readers!

I think every day should be earth day. Every day we should respect the planet and our own little corner of the world enough to do something to preserve our planet. Just the smallest things we do can add up to make a big change. Here are a list of 10 things that our family does on a regular basis to be kind to our planet.

1. We  are huge recyclers! We recycle weekly, all  our paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, drink containers/bottles, milk jugs and batteries. I have an area dedicated to this in my mud room.
2. Donate used good clothing to charities.
3. Old t-shirts and towels are cut up and made into cleaning rags.
4. When shopping, I use reusable shopping bags. ( I make sure to always have a couple of those nylon bags that fold up real tiny in my purse.)
5. I buy local and organic whenever I can.
6. We hold garage sales every 2 years to sell our unwanted items, toys etc.
7. We recycle our electronics.
8.  We use energy and water saving appliances at home.
9.  We recycle our printer cartridges.
10. We mulch our garden, which keeps the moisture in, therefor conserves  the amount of water used .

I used to compost when I lived in the city, but  unfortunately, I can no longer do that, as we now live in bear country, and that causes its own set of problems! I am in the process of switching to earth friendly cleaning products, and experimenting with different brands until I find ones that I like. I am sure there are still many more things that I can do! What do you do on a regular basis for the earth we live in? Lets keep our planet beautiful!

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BeadedTail said...

Happy Earth Day! You live in a beautiful part of this world!

We do our part with recycling and reusing too. We only throw out one bag of trash every two weeks since most gets recycled.

Nancy said...

Recycle all that we can, have water saving tank - we do much of the same things, but I'm sure we can do more.

Beadwright said...

We recycle as much as possible. I agree every day should be earth day.

WillOaks Studio said...

Happy Earth Day, today and always!! I do most on your list and yes, we still can compost here...carefully (there are critters, but no bears!) I love to shop local and/or handmade. I love to make many things for the home and garden myself, recycling or re-purposing when possible.

Catherine said...

Some good thoughts there friend! Two of my favorite cleaning products are vinegar and baking soda! Honestly ~ they clean almost everything! :)

Have a great weekend neighbor!
xo Catherine

Lin said...

I do a lot of those as well as introduce frogs back into the world! It is my personal goal to bring the frog population back up again. :)

Swapna said...

Hey the new look, the blog U... I had been out of blogworld for some time... am back now :)

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