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Monday, February 7, 2011

Fashion Necklaces

 For your Monday morning viewing pleasure...two recent creations!
The first necklace features one of those ultra cool vintage brass number  plates that was originally on a door of a hotel room. Hence the name- Second floor, Room 140! I also incorporated some beautiful old hollowglass beads, vintage faux pearls and glass parts that were from a chandelier in a former life. It is a nice long necklace....guaranteed to spark some interesting conversation. This one was selected to go to the Art Gallery in Olds, Alberta.

The second necklace is a mulri strand design in blue, white  and yellow.
 This statement fashion  necklace  features a variety of wonderful vintage beads, blue lapis stone, chandelier crystals, chain and a rescued vintage brooch pretty! This one is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

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BeadedTail said...

What great pieces! So fun and funky yet very beautiful!

Catherine said...

Goodness ~ so much work involved! So about how long would you spend making this 2nd necklace?

So beautiful!
xo Catherine

Hot Rocks said...

Thank you ladies!
Catherine, that one took about 3 hours. The multi strand necklaces and bracelets are always more challenging and time consuming, but I love the results!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I LOVE that first one! Your pieces with vintage findings are so cool!

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