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Friday, May 13, 2011

Create your own book

Have you ever wanted to take your personal photos and design a book? Well, I found this great website where you can do just that...and it is so simple to do! The website is called Blurb, and here you can download your pictures and design  a book with or without text. There are tips and tutorials to help you on your way, you can even set your own price and sell your book, or if you like you can share it on Facebook! You can create a small 7 inch square  soft cover color photo book from as little as $13.95, all the way to a large hardcover coffee table book, with premium paper for under $200.00. There are options for every budget. Imagine the fabulous personalized gifts that you can create! Family history books, weddings books, graduation or school memories, birthdays and anniversaries, ....hey Fathers Day is coming up..and what a neat gift idea to create a special book for Dad. A lot better than another shirt!
This person made a book consisting of all her sons art work within a period of a few years. That is so cool!

 Here is a book of an artists paintings. Proceeds from this book go towards this persons college fund...neat idea!

On the website you can see books that have just been published, staff favorites, best sellers and many different categories of books that have been published by ordinary people like you and me.
My husband had mentioned the other day, that he had recently heard, that in the near  future, our children and grandchildren may not have photos of family and treasured moments  to hold in their hands, as they will be forever gone.....once stored on someones hard drive. By publishing our photos in these books, our memories and captures of our loved ones will be around for future generations to enjoy. What a great idea...I am off to make mine! Pin It


Catherine said...

I've been on the Blurb site before ~ very cool isn't it?

Happy Weekend!
xo Catherine

Jane Perala said...

These are great little books. I have already purchased two in the last few months from other bead artists showcasing their work.

BeadedTail said...

Those are great books! It's such an ordeal to get photos printed anymore so it's a wonderful way to preserve memories that would otherwise be lost.

Lin said...

What a great idea!

I'm so confused on how to best save my videos and photos because every technology sooner or later becomes obsolete! We have all of our videos on VHS and now that will cost a fortune to transfer to DVD. We can't even watch our family videos because of that. :(

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