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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We had a fabulous weekend, with lots of family time, which is always a good thing. The new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Stranger Tides, was very enjoyable and I would recommend seeing it if you are a fan of the previous "Pirates" movies.Saturday night was spent at my daughters house, and we stayed up till past 1:00 am playing Cranium. It was guys vs. girls, and to say we are a competitive family is an understatement! Unfortunately the guys beat us...but only by a hair...we shall get our revenge at the next game.
As promised, I have some new creations to show you today.

This bracelet combines several vintage beads and buttons with Swarovski pearls and mirrored lampwork beads together on a vintage brass chain. Check out that cute little vintage brass key. When I found it in a box in an antique store, it was totally black. I cleaned it up and voila....a wonderful shiny brass key was underneath!

This leather cuff is a totally new style for me. Here, I added a vintage cut steel shoe buckle with part of a very old belt buckle adorned with a pretty green glass stone to a wide leather cuff. Then finished it off with some emerald colored rhinestones from some old earrings.

 I am really enjoying working with these vintage keys lately. I find them, clean them up, and am thrilled to discover the fabulous design details on them. This necklace has several interesting keys, I liked the one that says "Master"! Also check out the one with the lion design. This is a long necklace made with big faceted glass beads, brass chain and several keys.Such a fun piece! Pin It


Anonymous said...

Glad you got in some great family time! Your new lovelies are stunning as always. That cuff seems like a big undertaking!

Lin said...

My kids have that game--is it fun??? I 'll have to try that one. We are hooked on "Sequence" lately. We are a competitive family as well. We once spent a whole winter break playing Sorry until nobody cried. It was crazy.

And a long winter break.

I love your jewelry! :)

Catherine said...

Was the new Pirates movie as good as the first 3? I always think when they change so many actors it won't be. But, at least we can still look at Johnny Depp! :)

Lovely pieces you have created.

We really like the game Cranium too.

Hope you are having lovely weather ~ we are getting too much rain right now ~ puts a crimp in the holidays this week. Not much yard work getting done. :(

xo Catherine

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