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Monday, June 6, 2011

Out with the with the new!

I am writing this post from my iPad, as our home computer died this weekend. We had a computer geek fix it guy come out yesterday, who managed to save our hard drive, but the motherboard was shot so it's time for a new one. So, this coming weekend, while I am hard at work at the Vintage Chicks Show, my husband and son are going into the big city to pick up a shiny new iMac! We have been saying that once the P.C. dies, that we will replace it an Apple, so we are taking the plunge and quite excited about it! On another note, I am in the final preparations for that show, and the next few days will be spent tagging, pricing, and packing up my display and jewelry. Oh, yes....I am still finishing up that fancy name tag as well. I hope to get that up and posted for you before the end of this week. Also some of you expressed interest in my upcoming Paris trip, through your comments last week, so I will definitely tell you more about that next week, after things settle down here. Pin It


BeadedTail said...

Couldn't your computer wait to die until you were less busy? Sheesh! :) A fun show and a fancy new computer will make for a great weekend though!

Anonymous said... about the computer. But it's always nice to get to play with a shiny new one. Good luck with getting ready for the show!

Catherine said...

A new computer ~ how fun! I have an iMac as well. It takes awhile to get used to.

Have fun with your new computer!
xo Catherine

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