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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I am racking my brain for cost effective ways to return to Kauai and stay for several months! Wow...what a gorgeous island! It is very difficult returning to snow and cold weather after living the life on the south Pacific island of Kauai, Hi. I can see why people go there, give up their life back on the mainland and never return home. As a Canadian, I can go and stay for up to 6 months....that will just about cover the winter and do me just fine. I could be a snowbird and spend my winters there no problem! There is something to be said for living a simple life in paradise. Well for now its back to the routine...however with many tropical influenced inspirations running around my brain.

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BeadedTail said...

Beautiful photos! Since my very first visit to Hawaii way back in high school, I have dreamt of being a snowbird there one day! Each visit after that have just gone to affirm that dream. Maybe we'll be neighbors! :)

Shelby Foxwell said...

Gorgeous photos! It doesn't hurt a girl to dream! The plus side is at least half of the winter is over?? (I'm trying to be positive here) I've never been to HI but hopefully someday!

Lin said...

Ah, brings back so many memories--we honeymooned there! :) It's so lovely, isn't it?

Catherine said...

Well I can sure see why you would want to run away from the prairie provinces winter and stay on that island! Fantastic!! Hmmm.... I think I will go buy a lotto ticket. ;)
xo Catherine

Elaine Thornton said...

It looks totally fabulous, would love to visit, its first on my list when I win the lottery!

Welcome back, it was a lovely sunny day today, no snow here we havent had much this year hopefully we wont get anymore!! Fingers Crossed.

Elaine x

Anonymous said...

Absolutely picturesque!! Glad you had such a great time Susan.

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