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Thursday, February 9, 2012

World Traveler

 Are you a world traveller? If so, then this is the necklace for you!This necklace started with this very cool vintage double sided opisometer....what is an opisometer you ask? Well an opisometer is an instrument for measuring the curved lines on a map. It has a tiny wheel, that when moved along roads or rivers on a map it measures the distance....this one measures  in miles.

I then added the equally cool "map beads" that are handmade with actual  vintage recycled Ordnance Survey maps, by British artist, Gillian McMurray.  These beads are just fabulous, they are coated with thick embossing enamel, and then the tips are finished with gold embossing powder.


World travels would not be complete without a visit to France and therefore I have added a worn antique French worn that the date reads 186......... cannot read the last number...but it is old! You get a souvenir of my home country, Canada,  which comes in the form of a beautiful vintage brass metal button. There is a pretty sterling silver, pineapple charm from exotic Thailand, and the gorgeous sparkling Swarovski crystal is of course....from Austria! Finally who couldn't resist visiting Cuyahoga, Ohio and getting this brass tag from 1966!


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Shelby Foxwell said...

You make all these components come together so nicely! I love the little pineapple and map beads! Beautiful!

Anonymous said... much together looks so effortless! I wish I was more of a world traveler!

BeadedTail said...

That's certainly a statement piece! It's wonderful Susan!

Catherine said...

Very cool!
xo Catherine

Elaine Thornton said...

I love it! Hope your having a good trip!

E x

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