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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Camping and all that stuff!

This past weekend our family, and two other families who are close friends of ours, did our annual summer camping trip. This year we got lucky with the weather, as it was hot, hot, hot! The majority of the times we go camping, the weather has been unseasonally cold, or rainy, so this time we were all looking forward to camping in the heat. Fortunately we camp at one of the few lakes, here in Alberta, so having the cool lake water to swim in was a bonus this weekend. Over the years our camping "style", has evolved, from the days when all we took were the essential items such as tent, sleeping bag, hot dogs and a six pack of beer... to today, where we load up the car with everything but the kitchen sink! Now we have not only a gas stove for cooking, but a gas barbeque as well ...for grilling. We have an infinate number of flashlights and lanterns, solar powered, battery powered, and propane powered, as well as a variety of pumps for blowing up things like air mattresses and of course all those inflatable beach toys that we just HAVE to take to the lake. There are coolers for food, coolers for juice and pop, coolers for alcoholic beverages, Rubbermaid containers with more food.... in case we run out, tarps, tablecloths, a variety of dishes and cooking utensils, case we get bored, and buckets of sand toys for the kids! This year, my husband and I decided that out days of "roughin' it" on the ground with an air mattress were coming to an end, so we went out and purchased a deluxe camping bed. It actually was superb, very cushy and extremely nice being off the hard lumpy ground. All in all it was a great weekend, although packing up all that stuff is alot of work...especailly when you get home and have to unpack it all! This all reminded me of George Carlins' Stuff, I love that routine of his...RIP George! Pin It

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