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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Part Two- Ennice and Bragg Creek

Yesterday I mentioned that after researching the town of Ennice, North Carolina...due to my feedjit fiasco, I saw some interesting similarities between that area, and where I live here in Alberta. Both the town of Ennice and Bragg Creek are small rural communities, very close to mountains and next to rivers, and surrounded by majestic beauty! Ennice, being located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, next to the New River, and Bragg Creek being close to the Rocky Mountains and next to the Elbow River. It seems like Ennice would be a great place to vist if you like the outdoors, and enjoy fishing, hiking, kayaking etc. as it is close to several state parks including Stone Mountain State Park. Here Bragg Creek, also known as "The Gateway to the Kananaskis", is surrounded by hiking trails, campgrounds, and the river provides lots of opportunities for river rafting, kayaking and fishing. Kananaskis country is a beautiful area, filled with outdoor recreational activities year round. Golfing in summer and skiing during the winter months are also extremely popular activities in both areas.

Now for the weather. Even although Ennice, is much farther south than where I live, both areas still share some similar weather patterns. Spring in Ennice, is said to be unpredictable...which sounds alot like here, where in springtime we can experience some of the biggest snowfalls of the year, or warm sunny, short wearing, barbequing kinda weather! In summer we get some terrific thunderstorms in the afternoons and evenings, and seems like Ennice also experiences the same thing! North Carolina looks like a beautiful place to visit, and maybe one day I will! For more information on Ennice, including where to stay if you decide to visit... click here. The pictures above are of the Kananaskis area, here near my home. For some fantastic photography of the Blue Ridge Mountains, check out Marty Hulsebos High Country Images.
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That looks husband & I love to canoe & kayak!

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