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Friday, November 28, 2008

Best friends forever!

Today my friend Heather, and her husband are coming over from Vancouver Island to spend the weekend with us. Both her and her husband have been my best friends for about 27 years. They moved away to British Columbia in 1991, and we have still kept in touch, and visited each other often. They have come all this way to celebrate with me, and my husband and two other couples that also have been extremely good friends for close to 30 years! More about the reason that we are celebrating later, and maybe some pics if you are lucky! Meanwhile here are some photos of my friend Heather and myself, one taken in the mid 1980's, and one taken this past summer...please ignore my curly hair in this pic, we had just got back from the beach!
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BeadedTail said...

How wonderful to have such a long term friendship! Enjoy your weekend! By the way, both pictures are fantastic and you two look the same!

ChatElaine said...

That is Superb you cant beat a great friendship like that. You both look fantastic even after all those years!! Enjoy your weekend. :)

Silver Canyons said...

wow, just loved this post and loved the "back then" an "now" pictures.
It's so wonderful you have stayed in touch all this time...bff's forever!

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