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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Life is so short

The weekend with my dear friends was wonderful. We laughed so much on Saturday night that our faces and stomachs ached! All together, there were there were four couples, and all of us have been the best of friends for between 24 and 27 years. It was a fantastic celebration. Here is a picture of the four gals taken early in the evening, before things got crazy! That's me second from the left.
Everyone spent the night, so no one had to worry about driving home and we all had breakfast together the next morning. Shortly after breakfast, one of the guys, who has been a very close friend, (as well as his own family being like family to me) recieved some devastating news...his sister had been admitted to the hospital and had passed away the previous night. She was only a few years older than us. It was such a shock to us all, and the worst thing was that he and his wife, had to now leave, and deliver the awful news to his parents. After their departure, those of us remaining, and now in a very somber mood, discussed life, and how you have to make the most of your time here, with the people that you love.... because one day we are here, and the next day we can be gone. Life is so short, and I am so glad to have such wonderful friends and family to share it with. Today, go tell someone you love, how much they mean to you.
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1 comment:

Nancy said...

Amen to that! So sad to hear when you're enjoying company, but at the same time makes you realize how much you do appreciate your family and good friends!

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