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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Off with her hea........................

Last night my husband and I were watching one our favourite shows, The Tudors. For those of you who are not familier with The Tudors, it is a series based on the life of King Henry the eighth and of course his six wives. Now this isn't your typical dry documentry on history, no...this is full of deciept, manipulation, adultry, wickedness and sordid sex! And this isn't just any episode of he Tudors, this is the season finale! We have watched the beautiful but selfish, Anne Boleyn, Henrys' second wife, over this past season and her fate is now imminent, she is about to be beheaded for treason, or in other words having illicet affairs with several men while married to Henry...who is by the way is extremely sexy but evil, on this show, I might add! She has walked up to the platform, where she is to be beheaded,with weeping ladies in waiting behind her, she has made her speech, said her prayers and handed a pouch of money to the swordsman who is about to do the deed. Her jewelry is removed, and she looks up to the sky and sees the birds and........................what the....????? The TV goes black, all the lights in the house are out and we are having a POWER FAILURE!!!!! I cannot believe the timing, just 2 or 3 more minutes, and we would have seen it all. Now I have to see if I can find it somewhere online to watch it. Pin It

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You can watch full episodes online at

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