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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Teaching kids

Next Tuesday, I am teaching a class of 22 grade 3 students how to make a simple one strand beaded bracelet. This is a first for me, so I am making sure that I am very prepared, and hope that everything goes smoothly...but with young children you never know! I have purchased all the supplies that I need, and have sorted the beads into colors in bead boxes. I have glass, stone and wood beads in several colors and sizes. I also plan on precutting the bead wire into 10 inch lengths, to speed the process along. I am going to give them a quick talk on design and pattern, using color, shape, texture, balance etc. and I also plan on discussing some ideas for inspiration to get them thinking about their own designs. I am going to bring in a few of my bracelets, some pictures of my jewelry, as well as magazines for them to look at. Then they will gather the beads for their project on a paper plate, and play with their patterns on their bead boards until they are satisfied with their bracelets. At that point I will help them attatch the clasp and I will crimp the crimp beads for them. I also have a handout on making a bracelet, for each child to take home, should they wish to try this again at a later date with Mom or Dad. I hope that I haven't forgotton anything! If any of you wonderful jewelry designers or crafters out there have any tips, I would be very happy to hear them! Pin It


ChatElaine said...

I suggest and hope you have lots of PINK beads for the girls, try and put them into fairly large trays because they will all dive-in all at once and they will go everywhere because they do get very excited. Also it might be a good idea to either finish one end so the beads dont keep sliding off or make the length of stringing long enough to compensate. I have had a jewellery making stall at school fetes and these are the things I have noticed are problems. The rest of what you have said in your post seems to be very spot-on!! Hope that helps!! Elaine

Hot Rocks said...

Thanks Elaine! It is great to get advice from someone who has done this before. I heard that pink and purple were popular with the girls. Yes... I think I will put one end of the clasp on the bracelet, I read somewhere on line that it really helps to secure one end of the bracelet as you mentioned, to keep the beads from going everywhere!!Thanks for the advice!

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