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Monday, June 4, 2012

Making Memories

Last week, we had our two granddaughters stay with us while my daughter and her husband took a little break and went to Vegas. I knew that I had to keep them busy, so I had plenty of activities planned for them during their stay at Grandmas. We made Kool Aid play-dough...twice, we baked muffins from scratch, did some gardening, did some fancy finger nail painting, had trips to the ice cream shop, and we packed a picnic lunch and went on a nice little hike.

I thought I would share some photos of our hike together.


We started up the trail and walked through the forest....

and crossed the bridge.

 We saw a lot of very interesting rocks near the river.

We saw the tiniest flowers growing right next to the rocks. 

 The river was beautiful!


We sat on the rocks and ate our lunch, while listening to the river.

 We saw some trees that the beavers had chewed down.

The forest was very peaceful.

There was a great view of the river from up high on the hill.

 My youngest granddaughter found a heart shaped rock to give to Mommy, and carried it all the way back to the car! ( Grandma helped part of the way.)

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time! And I'm sure your daughter enjoyed herself too;)

Lin said...

How nice of you to take the girls for a couple of days. Could you take my kids???! Hahaha!

What lovely girls they are! Soooo pretty! Isn't it fun to just have time with them alone to get to know them better? It sounds like such a nice time. :)

BeadedTail said...

That's a beautiful place for a hike and a lunch by the river! Looks like fun! It's sweet your granddaughter carried that heart shaped rock back for her mom.

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