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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Vintage Chicks Sale was amazing! It was so much fun seeing all the creative booth setups and displays, and meeting the vendors at this annual event. So for those of you wo were too far away to attend, I am posting photos for your viewing pleasure...enjoy!


The Peacocks Feather

Wow and Then

Wow and Then

Wow and Then

la Ta Da

la Ta Da

My Booth!!

Me again! Hot Rocks

All About Toile
la Ta Da

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Shelby Foxwell said...

Those booths are amazing! So creative! I can't imagine how much time goes into gathering all the goodies and set up. Hope you had a fabulous show!

Jane Perala said...

Wow - your booth looks incredible Susan. I'm glad the show was a success.

Catherine said...

Oh WOW!!! Look at all the beautiful displays there! Fantastic! Why don't I live closer to you!!!!! A gal could spend hours and hours there looking around no?


xo Catherine

Anonymous said...

Wow...your booth looks really, really good. It must have taken you all so long to set up! How did the show go? Many sales?

Lin said...

That is soooo inviting!! I sure hope you sold a LOT!

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