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Monday, May 28, 2012

One ladys junk is another ladys treasure!

So while the hubby was manning the gargage sale on Saturday, I did a little garage sale hunting of my own. I found some great buys, a Fiskars paper cutter for $5.00, some vintage doilies for my displays at shows, some very neat old books for 50 cents a piece, and the treasure of the day was finding a fabulous sewing box filled with vintage buttons, some old pinking shears,embroidery threads, old needles and pins, ribbons, colorful sewing thread on vintage wooden spools, and other odds and ends. It was like a little time capsule of vintage treasures!

I had a quick peak inside before I purchased it for $10.00, to be sure there were things that I actually wanted, but  the thrill was getting it home home and emptying it out to see what was in the treasure box!

 There was an old prescription bottle that held pins and metal snaps, that was dated 1975, but some of the items were a lot older than that. There were a few buttons still attached to the cards that they were originally sold on, that had silly prices like 25, 39 & 12 cents! Now that has got to be pretty old!

What amazes me, is the fact that these old wooden thread spools were made so beautifully. Some of the older ones actually have the company name and thread info carved or engraved into the wood.

You wouldn't see that type of detail these days on something so mundane. 

I sorted the buttons into color pretty!

Some of the pins had been carefully stuck into small bits of foam, acting as little pin cushions. I couldn't help but wonder about the woman who had once owned this sewing kit, and what her life may have been like.  What a fun find! Pin It


BeadedTail said...

That was quite a find! Those buttons are pretty! I remember my grandma having wooden spools of thread. Wish I still had some of them!

Jenni said...

That was a lovely find... Even if you don't use the cotton the bobbins are very attractive!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great score! I'm excited to see what you'll make:)

Catherine said...

Look at all your great treasures! I haven't been to a good garage sale in years. Fun!
Hope you are enjoying warm weather!
xo Catherine

Lin said...

That thread is probably not usable anymore--it breaks down over time--but those spools are very cool to have. I love old button boxes for what you find in there!

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