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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mid Year Update

One of my New Years resolutions, was to  plan on learning and adding some new techniques to my jewellery designs. I wanted to learn how to do some riveting, to experiment with resin, to incorporate leather into some of my creations, as well as working with embellished metal.
  So, since we are about half way through the year, I thought I would see how  I am doing with those goals!

I have enjoyed making some resin pendants........

The resin is a bit stinky, to say the least, but it is fun to create one of a kind pendants.

I have also enjoyed making leather cuff bracelets,  drilling holes in bits and pieces and then riveting the objects to the leather.

I  have not yet learned metal embellishing techniques, but I am hoping, that I can squeeze a class in, sometime in September.

I also just found out that I was accepted into the  Calgary Waldorf Festival of Joy, in November! This is a juried show, and I had to submit photos of my work etc., so I was thrilled to get in!

I have closed my Etsy shop for the summer, so that I can spend time with my family, and slowly start working on new pieces for Fall. 

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Jewelry by Andrea said...

Love the leather bracelets and the resin pendants look fab too. Can't wait to see what you come up with after a metal embellishing class!

Jane Perala said...

I love those necklaces - especially the 2nd one.

Lin said...

I like that you are constantly learning new techniques and branching off into new territories! It keeps your work fresh and exciting. :)

Shelby Foxwell said...

Good for you! It's hard to stick to your goals and grow, even when it's something you love!

Catherine said...

Your creations are simply fantastic! Congratulations on getting to join the Festival of Joy! Excellent!

Happy Thursday!
xo Catherine

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