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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

This past weekend, was a long weekend for us in Canada, celebrating Canadas birthday, on July 1st. We spent the weekend at home, and I really enjoyed being outside, doing some gardening, dining out on the deck and soaking up some warm sunshine. The only thing that "bugged" me, was those pesky mosquitos! Yep...they are now out to drive us crazy  They always seem to be at their worse in late June and early July, then they seem to decrease in numbers as the summer progresses. I tried to forgo the bug spray, but gave up after being bitten half a dozen times! The worse bite is one tiny one on the bottm of my foot....right in the arch...boy is that itchy! It kept me up last night scratching, that itchy spot. Why do the bites on your feet and ankles always itch the most? 

In less than 2 weeks time, my brother and his wife are coming from England for a visit. we are taking them out to the coast with us for a few weeks. So I am busy spiffing up the place before their arrival. You know how you want everything perfect when company comes.

I have not been in the studio much, lately, but instead I have been ordering supplies, for my Fall designs. I came across a new product...well new to me anyway... that I am quite excited to try. More on that later, when it arrives!  
I did however, manage to create one new piece last week, which I will post later this week.  

Just want to wish all my friends from the USA, a very Happy Independence Day, tomorrow! Hope you all have a fun day celebrating with friends and family.

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BeadedTail said...

Ugh, mosquitos! They tend to ruin a good time pretty quick! Hope you'll have a great time with your brother and his wife! Can't wait to see what new product you are planning!

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