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Monday, October 1, 2012

A Mans World

The month of September has flown by!

I am back at home after my little jaunt out to the coast to visit my daughter.  I was worried about leaving my guys alone for that length of time, but they managed to survive. 
During my time away from home............

-  my husband did his first load of laundry...ever!

- my husband threw all of his clean,laundered socks in his drawer....unrolled. ( That will be fun pairing them up in the morning when he is getting ready for work) 

- speaking of son ran out of clean socks, so he decided to raid my sport socks from my dresser drawer.

- I don't believe that a single vegetable crossed the dinner plates of my son and husband during the entire time that I was gone.  

-the boys remembered to feed the cat, so thankfully, the cat is still living.

I think I am more appreciated now since I have returned home, and  my guys are actually pitching in and helping out more than ever! Pin It


Catherine said...

Haha! Clearly leaving your guys at home by themselves for a bit was a good thing! I'm glad they remembered to feed kitty! Meow!
xo Catherine

Anonymous said...

That's pretty hilarious! Men's worlds are quite different, no? When I'm out of town, the hubs usually lives on cereal and ordered in pizza. He does not leave his chair in the basement for stretches upward of 5 hours. He certainly doesn't do laundry either, since he usually doesn't change clothes. Gross.

Lin said...

Hooray, they survived!!

I love when they think that we are just making work for ourselves by actually rolling the socks or folding the clothes. Now they realize why we do all that stuff! ;)

I'm guessing they are really happy you are home!

Sweetwater Designs said...

why does it take us not being there for them to realize what it is we do, right? :D glad you had a nice break!

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