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Monday, October 15, 2012

Alluring Necklaces

For those of you that guessed that I used a fishing lure, in the necklace in my last post, you are correct!

 Yes.. I  have been creating necklaces with big  metal fishing lures that have a fabulous patina.  I have gently cleaned them, then waxed them with a guilders paste, and buffed them with a soft cloth to bring out the rich warm rones of the aged metal.  I have made a few more of these "Alluring Necklaces" this weekend, and hopefully will get around to posting some photos later this week. I currently have one listed on Etsy, and another will be taken to Chateau Country Lace, in Calgary, when I take my next group of items into that boutique this month. The others will be coming along with me to my Christmas sales in November. 

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1 comment:

Catherine said...

That's so cool! Reuse and Recycle. Love it!
xo Catherine

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