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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Double Duty

These days people want more for their money, more bang for their buck, so to say.
For example,  it's always cool, when you find that perfect jacket...
......but  how cool is it when you find out that it is reversible?
Or the coffee table that provides extra seating for your guests in a flash.
I have been working on a few multi functional designs of my own.

This piece is a necklace..............

that also works as a pretty bracelet!

 Here is another piece, that once again functions as a chunky statement bracelet.....

 ....and also changes into a double strand shorter style necklace...........

 ....or  make a quick change, and, voila........wear it as a long single strand necklace!

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Jane Perala said...

That's great Susan - they will do well at your Christmas shows.

BeadedTail said...

Love that jacket and really love your new pieces! What a great idea for versatile jewelry!

Lin said...

LOVE it! I just saw some new necklaces today--they come in a grouping of 3 lengths and they can be worn individually, together, or combine two and wear one as a bracelet. It was such a great concept--and so interchangeable. Each part was also very different textually, but the color scheme coordinated, so it worked.

Lin said...

Look at this:

Hot Rocks said...

Thanks ladies!
Lin...loved the video,,,great idea. My only concern would be the magnet holding. I would like to try and do something like that but try with a different type of clasp...not sure what tho...have to investigate!

Anonymous said...

How awesome, I love this idea!

Catherine said...

Multi-tasking clothing and things is always a good idea! Love that coffee table and chairs. Cool!
Hope you are keeping warm ~ we got snow ~ I know Calgary did so I am assuming you did too!
xo Catherine

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