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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Seasonal Colors

 Its the time of the year, when Fall signifies the big wardrobe switcheroo. That is when I take all of my light weight summer clothes, down to the storage cupboard, and bring all the warm winter woolies and heavy coats, upstairs to the main closet. Its sad to say goodbye to my summer friends that served me so well over the past several months of warm temperatures and fun summer vacations. However, meeting up once again with my forgotten but loyal winter pals, certainly has its merits. 

  Lately, as the season  changes into Fall, I  find myself attracted to  subtle, smoky, warm hues of plum, gray, coffee and teal. I have been using these colors over the last few days, in some of my new designs. 

Design Seeds

Design Seeds

 Several weeks ago, I was drawn to rich, jewel tones, and found myself using colors such as eggplant, olive green, and fuschia.

Design Seeds

Design Seeds

 It's funny how our color preferences change with the change of the weather and the season!

I love  browsing through the color palettes on Design Seeds. If you have enjoyed her color palettes here, you can check out Jessicas blog as well, for more great color inspiration and eye candy!

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Lin said...

I love plums this time of year. I find that I'm drawn to them in my closet too. Do you think the people at work are tired of seeing me in plum every day?? ;)

I like the "locked" color palette.

BeadedTail said...

I love the purples! I bought new clothes in those colors recently too. I love the fall colors!

Catherine said...

I have done the closet switcharoo. I like your colors - so pretty and warm!
xo Catherine

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