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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mother Natures Big Tease

March...almost Spring...or is it??  

That is the game that Mother Nature has been playing with us here over the past couple of weeks. Yesterday was a gorgeous warm Spring like day! People were out and about without their jackets on, the warm sun was shining, and there were puddles everywhere from the melting snow and ice. Today is a different story. Mother Nature has decided that today will be a winter day. We awoke to softly falling snowflakes and about a 17 degree Celsius difference from yesterdays temperature. 

Yesterday, I was dreaming of putting the patio furniture out, thinking of lunches on the deck, and family get togethers outside. Today, I just want to curl up and sit by the fire, and get lost in a good book.

How is the weather in your part of the world? Is it Springtime where you are?   Pin It

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