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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Customer Service

If there is one thing that is important to me, it is good customer service. I like to give it, and I like to recieve it. I am pretty good at giving it, I worked in retail for about 12 years, and worked my way up from a sales associate to various management positions. I worked in some very elite shops in the 1980's throught to about 1998. We were taught all about the products that we carried, and were very knowledgable about what we sold. Customer service was drummed into us at every single place that I worked, and we bent over backwards to ensure the customer was serviced to death and left the store more than happy. So where has that gone? I find it extremely rare today to get good customer service , let alone a knowledgable sales person! I just came back from picking up a few groceries in the small town that I live near, and I am just flabberghasted at the service... or rather non service that I got from a young cashier. I was loading my groceries onto the belt, and smiled at her said hello, and told her that I had brought my own canvas bags with me today. She just looked at me, didn't say a word, and started to ring through my purchases. The whole time she was ringing up the items, she was yawning, and looking extremely bored. When she was done I gave her the money, and she packed my goods into the bags, putting all the heavy bottles of juice into one bag, and shoving everything else into the second bag. Then she tried to get the large container of fresh strawberries into the third bag, and it wouldn't fit too well on its bottom, so she flipped it around on its side and said "That's as good as it gets!" Then she left!! So I had to go behind the counter, and grab all 3 bags, and the two large jugs of milk and load them into my cart. I am wondering why on earth would a store manager/owner hire this girl, and what type of image is she giving the store? What if that was an elderly person, or someone who just had an operation, that couldn't lift heavy bags? I think it is terrible, obviously she has no idea about good customer service, and she hasn't been properly trained either. If it were not the only grocery store in town, I would never go back. Whenever I do get great customer service I always make sure to thank the person, but that is pretty rare these days. So that is my rant for the day! Pin It


Starr said...

Girl, you said a mouthful! And you are absolutely right!

I worked in customer service for over 20 years. The last time I saw good customer service, it was me giving it!

Have you noticed though, that the bad service seems to be more prevalent with teens?

IF you happen to run across an older person at say a hardware store, they sure know what they're doing and are super helpful and know just about everything you need and some things ya don't!

I think bad customer service starts out as kids not getting proper manners taught them. A lot of what is lacking in customer service is simply good manners!

So they go from bad manners to a sense of entitlement (I can do a crap job here and get away with it because you're lucky to have me! You OWE me!) to just not living in the moment, and not caring.

It's deplorable. I give great customer service in my little Etsy shop because that's what I want back from others.

Oo, sorry! I just kinda had a rant of my own! lol.

Hot Rocks said...

Yes Starr, I totally agree with you! I am sure that it has alot to do with manners, and how children are raised, because if they had any manners,they wouldn't be so darn rude and uncaring! Thanks so much for commenting.

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