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Thursday, May 8, 2008

West coast

So after a few nice warm days, we once again awoke to SNOW! That heavy, very wet, slushy, Spring type of snow, and just after I had put out my patio furniture this past weekend! Go figure!! So today my thoughts take me out to the west coast..British Columbia, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, where I love to get away and relax. The weather is much milder there, and we are fortunate enough to have a getaway place of our own on Vancouver Island, just a few minutes walk to the ocean. I love the ocean, and I love to go beachcombing, seeking out little treasures that the sea has left behind. Smooth colored sea glass in soft shades of blue, amethyst and frosty white, as well as tiny shells, gnarled driftwood and round smooth stones in interesting colors are among my favourite finds. My home here, has many corners decorated with natures treasures that I have found on the beaches. I have clear glass vases filled with large round stones, and sand dollars, shells and coral, as well as the smooth branches that have fallen from arbutus trees. I love to check out tide pools and the life they hold, the little crabs, and the colorful starfish, urchins and anenomes.At certain times of the year, we can hear the sealions barking, see seals play in the water and bald eagles soaring in the sky. So today I am posting some of my own favourite photos of those areas that I love out on Canada's west coast. Dream and enjoy!
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